SOCE Zaragoza

Lorant Stumpf

Virtual Reality Meets Dentistry: The Power of Metaverse Technology

Get ready to enter a new era of dental care with the emergence of the metaverse. This revolutionary technology is changing the way dental professionals connect with patients and deliver treatment, virtual consultations, treatment planning, and even virtual procedures. In my presentation, I will guide you through the latest developments in metaverse dentistry by showing you how this technology is shaping the future of the field. Let's explore the intersection of dental CGI and the metaverse, how these innovative technologies are being used to revolutionize the way dental care is provided. Learn how dental CGI is being used to create highly detailed, realistic 3D models of teeth and other oral structures, and how the metaverse is being used as a platform. Discover the potential of combining dental CGI and the metaverse to create a truly immersive and interactive dental experience. Exciting opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge advances in metaverse dentistry. Register now to welcome the future of dentistry into your practice.


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